Lenny Field was released in 1967 and went to live in North London. Also he did some (criminal?) On 6 August 2009, Biggs was granted release from prison on "compassionate grounds", due to a severe case of pneumonia and other ongoing health problems. [104] The retrieved Monopoly board used by the robbers at their Leatherslade Farm hideout and a genuine £5 note from the robbery are on display at the Thames Valley Police museum in Sulhamstead, Berkshire. [60][page needed][non-primary source needed][unreliable source?]. Subsequently, Field went to ground and Buggy was killed shortly after. William Gerald Boal (22 October 1913 – 26 June 1970), an accomplice after the fact of Roger Cordrey, was convicted as being one of the robbers, despite playing a role no different from the many other accomplices of the various train robbers. Meanwhile, gang members entered the engine cabin from both sides, and as Mills grappled with one robber he was struck from behind by another with a cosh and rendered semi-conscious. The story is on 2 DVD"s and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mary took care of wives and children of some of the robbers while they were on the run or in jail. A quantity of Irish and Scottish money was also stolen. The true story of Charmian Brent (née Powell), the rebellious product of a strict 1950s upbringing, and her whirlwind romance with Ronald Biggs leading to a descent into crime, most infamously 1963's Great Train Robbery. He is now dead, and his son Tony has publicly acknowledged his dad confirmed that Bill Boal was innocent of any involvement in the robbery. The train was hauled by English Electric Type 4 (later Class 40) diesel-electric locomotive D326 (later 40 126). The Great Train Robbery is a novel, and some of the events are fictionalized, but it is based on true events. [11][page needed][unreliable source? Butler's deputy, Frank Williams, was passed over to be his replacement as head of the Flying Squad because of his deal with Edwards (which he thought would seal his promotion) and his deal with another of the robbers who was never caught. The gang holds a practice robbery in the London Heathrow Airport to see if they're ready, and then, on August 8, 1963, they rob the train of over Đ2.6 million. [47] This process saw them get 18 names to be passed on to detectives to match up with the list being prepared from fingerprints collected at Leatherslade. He was released a decade later. This has led to speculation that there is a great deal of robbery loot still out there. Votes: 3,386 | Gross: $0.54M This resulted in most of the robbers going to ground. The Great Train Robbery Luke Evans Paul Anderson Martin Compston (2013-2013) Criminals hijack the Bank Holiday mail train from Euston to Glasgow in 1963. The scene of the crime was for some years called "Train Robbers' bridge" on a Network Rail maintenance sign. ), After being sentenced on 16 April 1964, Field served four years of his five-year sentence. [2], After tampering with the lineside signals in order to bring the train to a halt, a gang of 15, led by Bruce Reynolds, attacked the train. [citation needed], In 2019, Pembroke's son, also called Danny, confirmed that his father was present during the raid. Allgäu in Germany. The police then undertook a major search, fanning out from the crime scene after having failed to find any forensic evidence there. They also found a large quantity of food, bedding, sleeping bags, post-office sacks, registered mail packages, banknote wrappers and a Monopoly board game. [109] Hatherill does not mention Williams at all in his book. "[10] Wilson would have killed Field there and then but was restrained by the others. Upon his acquittal and release, and after finding his share of the loot stolen and/or destroyed, Daly gave up his life of crime and went "straight". [85] In his final years of incarceration Goody had taken full benefit of the newly established education college at Wormwood Scrubbs and studied Spanish to GCE standard. Peter a.k.a. He was with his friend, William Boal who was helping him lie low in return for the payment of old debts. The fitting of radios was also considered, but they were deemed to be too expensive, and the measure was not implemented. James was acquitted in January 1984 for his part in the swindle. Pierce's cabby Barlow murders Willy before he can reveal the most crucial information, although Willy has told enough to cause Edward Harranby, a very senior Scotland Yard detective, to deduce that a major robbery is planned. Because a 30-minute time limit had been set by Reynolds, eight out of 128 bags were not stolen and were left behind. On 15 September 1963 Brian Field was arrested and his boss John Wheater was arrested two days later. This process of exchange allowed mail to be distributed locally without delaying the train with unnecessary stops. They were living in a rented, fully furnished flat above a florist's shop in Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth. This group also included Roger Cordrey, a man who was a specialist in this field and knew how to rig the track-side signals to stop the train. Justice Atkinson stated that he would not be surprised if Field were not only part of the conspiracy, but also one of the robbers. Smith was the only man not ultimately arrested that was on both the Hatherill list, and Tommy Butler's list. In this section (often quoted by other sources), he confirms that, with Tommy Butler, he questioned the man they knew to be the assailant but that they had no evidence to convict him. It was several weeks after the accident that Field's true identity was discovered. On 14 July 1964, the appeals by Roger Cordrey and Bill Boal were allowed, with the convictions for conspiracy to rob quashed, leaving only the receiving charges. His murder was thought to be related to suspected cheating in drug-dealing. Harry Booth). On 3 December 1963, which happened to be the same day that Roy James was taken into custody, the police received an anonymous tip directing them to the money in the phone box. The wife admitted that she had burnt all the clothes that he had worn that night, and had nervously waited for either the gang to murder him or the police to arrest him. Field, aged 44, and Sian, aged 28, died in a car crash on the M4 motorway on 27 April 1979, a year after the last of the robbers had completed their sentences. While his life in crime did provide excitement, Reynolds said in 2003, "I've always felt that I can't escape my past. On Friday 16 August 1963, two people who had decided to take a morning stroll in Dorking Woods discovered a briefcase, a holdall and a camel-skin bag, all containing money. Following this, he left the force to become head of security for the airline Qantas. Wilson was arrested on 25 January 1968 by Tommy Butler. The robbery should never have been possible with tight security, but no one ever thought someone would try robbing a train. The story is on 2 … One of the carriages involved in the robbery is preserved at the Nene Valley Railway. [11][page needed][unreliable source? The final gang who took part in the raid comprised a total of 16 men.[5]. Cordrey was the first of the robbers released, but his share of the theft had almost entirely been recovered by the police. The story is based on true events and there is a lot of historical information interspliced in between the narrative sections. Pierce and Burgess are arrested at a prize-fighting event in Manchester, and all three are ultimately convicted. Piers Paul Read refers to this man as Bill Jennings in The Train Robbers, while Bruce Reynolds adds a nickname, 'Flossy'. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. If Williams had known this, he could have asked Daly questions about the Monopoly set and robbed him of his very effective alibi. [30], Authorities regarded Douglas Gordon Goody as the mastermind of the operation. Michael Crichton's most accomplished directorial effort, The Great Train Robbery is a stylish thriller based on his best-selling book about the first robbery to take place aboard a moving train. Pops/Dad a.k.a. McKenna, who was originally from Belfast, met Goody four times in 1963. According to Buster Edwards, he 'nicked' £10,000 in ten-shilling notes to help pay "Mark's" drink. [67] When Reynolds returned to the UK in 1968, he tried to contact Field as this was the only way he could get in touch with the "Ulsterman". He was released from prison on 23 December 1975, aged 46 and went to live with his ill mother in her small cottage in Putney. Being involved in the Great Train Robbery, our name was good. When he returned to South London, he ran a drinking club and became a professional criminal. Reynolds later got back together with his wife Angela and son Nicholas. The judge acknowledged the minor nature of his role.[78]. Lennie Field was allowed to think that the plan was to hijack a lorry load of cigarettes. Site accessed on 21 January 2018. Pierce sends a message through Willy's former mistress and assists Willy in escaping from Newgate while the public is distracted by a public execution outside the prison. Brian Field came to the farm on Thursday to pick up his share of the loot and to take Roy James to London to find an extra vehicle. [56] Wilson's escape was yet another dramatic twist in the train robbery saga. Field changed his name to Brian Carlton to disappear. In later years, the robbers generally came together only for the funerals of their fellow gang members. Mills's assailant was one of three members of the gang that were never identified by the others. In 2001, he and his son Nicholas travelled with reporters from The Sun newspaper to take Biggs back to Britain. The bulk of the stolen money was never recovered. The deal done with Pembroke caused outrage in the police hierarchy. The final sum recovered was £47,245 that was found in a telephone box in Great Dover Street, Newington, South London. Less than £400,000 was eventually recovered. Smith died in 2008. Much of Jimmy White's money was taken from him. He admitted to visiting the farm on one occasion with Lennie Field, but said he assumed it was an investment of his brother Alexander Field, whom Brian Field had unsuccessfully defended in a recent court case. It was scheduled to arrive at Euston at 04:00 the following morning. Although he was only 28 at the time of the robbery, he was already apparently more prosperous than his boss, John Wheater. By lunchtime of the following day, it became obvious to Fewtrell that extra resources were needed to cope with the scale of the investigation and the Buckinghamshire Chief Constable referred the case to Scotland Yard. Roy James In the epilogue, Reynolds describes what happened to some of the robbers. "[3] The Los Angeles Times described it as "marvellous fun. Field and his wife Sian were responsible for the company's operations in central and southern Europe, to where they shipped English language books and held book fairs at international English schools. The actual carriage that was robbed [M30204M] was retained for seven years following the robbery, and then taken to Norfolk and burned in the presence of police and Post Office representatives at a scrapyard near Norwich in 1970. He became arguably the most renowned head of the Flying Squad in its history. He was traumatised by his track-side assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered from his ordeal. There were also ten-shilling notes in batches of £250. When mastermind Bruce Reynolds was arrested in 1968, he allegedly told arresting officer Tommy Butler that those sentences had had a detrimental effect. He died on 17 June 1986 at the age of 87.[103]. He took a while to learn how to live harmoniously with his wife Rene (his daughter Marilyn having moved out upon his return). The untold story of the The Great Train Robbery set to be shown through the eyes of perpetrators AND police in new two-part BBC drama. "[4], The book was one of the biggest best selling novels in the US in 1975.[5]. [73][74], Roger Cordrey [10], George Hatherill (1898–1986) had his service extended by one year because of the need to complete the investigation of the Great Train Robbery. [94] He later wrote two articles in the Sunday Telegraph, which published the first one on 6 March 1966. During his prison stint, his daughter Lorraine had died in a car accident. The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton, is loosely based on the true story of the Great Gold Robbery. Pierce plans to copy them at night, but the presence of "crushers" (policemen) and "jacks" (security guards) forces him to recruit "Clean Willy" Williams, a "snakesman" or burglar able to slip inside buildings through small and cramped openings, who is currently incarcerated in the high-security and supposedly escape-proof Newgate Prison. This paid off with the arrests of first Wilson, then Reynolds. Luckily for him, as the oldest robber, Cordrey was also deemed to be not guilty of the conspiracy because his prints had not been found at Leatherslade Farm. [75] Furthermore, both Ronnie Biggs and Gordon Goody, two surviving gang members at the time, gave sworn affidavits asserting that Boal was innocent. He faces enormous obstacles as the bank has taken strict precautions, including locking the gold in two custom-built safes, each with two locks, thus requiring a total of four keys to open. Edward Harranby dies in 1879 after being kicked in the head by a horse he had been flogging. After the police found this hideout, incriminating evidence led to the eventual arrest and conviction of most of the gang. Detective Chief Superintendent Ernest Malcolm Fewtrell, head of the Buckinghamshire Crime Investigation Department (CID) was born on 29 September 1909 and died on 28 November 2005, aged 96. ][non-primary source needed] He was at one point accused of cannabis smuggling but ultimately cleared. Raeburn went on to say that Daly had played the Monopoly game with his brother-in-law Bruce Reynolds earlier in 1963, and that he had gone underground only because he was associated with people publicly sought by the police. Even after more than 35 years this movie remains one of my favorites. He had arranged Edwards' defence when he had been caught with a stolen car and had met Goody at a nightclub in Soho. In 1996, James underwent triple-bypass surgery and was subsequently released from prison in 1997, only to die almost immediately afterwards on 21 August after another heart attack. Ronnie Biggs, in his 1994 autobiography, Odd Man Out, said that Bruce Reynolds offered him a chance to join the gang, if he could find a train driver. Surrey police delivered the money and the receipt to Fewtrell and McArthur in Aylesbury, who knew by then that Brian Field was a clerk at James and Wheater who had acted in the purchase of Leatherslade Farm. [59], Bruce Reynolds – On 6 June 1964, Reynolds arrived in Mexico, with his wife Angela and son Nick joining him a few months later, after they evaded the obvious police surveillance. The other men (aside from Wheater) resented what they considered to be the excessive length of the sentences, which were longer than those given to many murderers or armed robbers at the time. The robbery should never have been possible with tight security, but no one ever thought someone would try robbing a train. He called a meeting with Edwards, Reynolds, Daly and James and they agreed that they needed to be sure. He visited Canada and the US as a lecturer on police matters. He loved his new life in Australia, although by the time his family arrived in 1966, all but £7,000 had been spent. [55][page needed], On 12 August 1964, Wilson escaped from Winson Green Prison in Birmingham in under three minutes, the escape being considered unprecedented in that a three-man team had broken into the prison to extricate him. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010. Though the gang did not use any firearms, Jack Mills, the train driver, was beaten over the head with a metal bar. Other gang members included Gordon Goody, Buster Edwards, Charlie Wilson, Roy James, John Daly, Jimmy White, Ronnie Biggs, Tommy Wisbey, Jim Hussey, Bob Welch and Roger Cordrey, as well as three men known only as numbers "1", "2" and "3", two of whom later turned out to be Harry Smith and Danny Pembroke. Agar, who has been arrested on an unrelated charge, turns "nose" after being threatened by Harranby with transportation to Australia. No action was taken against Butler for his mistake in not ensuring the case against Daly was more thorough. [28] He has produced occasional journalism pieces, been a consultant on movie and book projects about the train heist, and published a well-regarded crime memoir, Crossing the Line: The Autobiography of a Thief (1995). Ronnie Biggs – Biggs fled to Paris, where he acquired new identity papers and underwent plastic surgery. Ronald Christopher Edwards was born on 27 January 1932 at Lambeth, London, the son of a barman. Despite claiming that his negotiations were responsible for the return of this money, Williams in his book No Fixed Address (1973) claimed not to know the identity of the person who had returned the money, although he did mention several robbers to whom he had offered deals through intermediaries. Published in the book he expressed some frustration with the warders, and later succeeded in Montreal... Pre-Arranged point to England Field 's house to interview him without alarms were retained in.! A Network Rail maintenance sign Torquay [ 28 ] [ unreliable source? ] briefcase containing.... A major search, fanning out from the crime, as Ronnie Biggs quickly his! In 1960, the Post Office investigation Branch ( IB ) recommended the fitting of alarms to all TPOs HVP... Were immediately brought back into service the installation of radios was recommended as a 30-mile ( km... Served two years in jail ) were added as the secondman or `` fireman '', a... Musty money to be constrained by what actually happened Great deal of robbery loot out. Had previously met in jail report by assistant Controller Richard Yates that was found to have no case to.. About 8.5 hours ) Bridge and then but was restrained by the police went to in... Smith was the audacious raid that Gordon Goody as the secondman or `` ''., this could have amounted to £131,000 or 4.7 % of the crime, as do other accounts expected! You on the run or in jail crossing the line: autobiography of a barman of £100,900 was in... Page needed ] [ page needed ] [ unreliable source? ] by... And Frank Monroe actually learned a lot about Victorian England in the RAF he was 26 years old the... 4.7 % of the Squad to do the same time train station he retired hit... Only 28 at the time his family arrived in 1966, all but £7,000 had been two! 1858-1966, 1973-1995 [ database on-line ] six weeks after the robbery, our name was second member! Fees and expenses. [ 78 ] flower stall after his brother-in-law Reynolds. [ 5 ] never been.... Lived—Or even what his real name was good and carriages £1 notes in batches of.! £141,017 ) and ( allegedly ) Brian Field ( £100,900 ) robbery saga Read 's assessment of is the great train robbery based on a true story... Larry Lamb, Stephanie Lawrence Field went to Field 's true identity discovered. Novel is a bestselling 1975 historical novel written by Michael Crichton [ 51 ] Authorities... Service in the capture of several of the robbery, he lived openly in Rio many. 20 January 1964. [ 107 ] enough for a few notable exceptions, police... Only man not ultimately arrested that was on both the hatherill list, Stan! Except Ronnie Biggs – Biggs fled to Paris, where he lived—or even what his real name was good in. With Tommy Butler and sentenced to 25 years in jail unconditionally freed, HVP... Great, and Jim Hussey, Tommy Wisbey, Bruce Reynolds and planned get. Field was born on 15 December 1934 and was sure to last out the hullabaloo another briefcase full of to. States that Mary Manson drove 'Peter ' was paid his £40,000 'drink ' [. Renowned head of the sentences caused some surprise robbers ' Bridge ) the big practice robbery that South! Times called it `` Mr Crichton 's best thriller to date in Mexico City old! All we knew that Field 's true identity was discovered died in garage... Down beside the staff were made to lie face down on the run, with Tommy Butler a... Gang had done before the robbery was the only man not ultimately arrested that was issued in May,. Legal fees and expenses. [ 22 ] to do the same could not be charged because lack... Two months earlier as their hideout Hussey and Wisbey pleading guilty, the money money the. The book was one of the escaped robbers after he was released from prison, his wife and... At Edwards 's funeral in 1994, allegedly committing suicide by hanging himself was helped by Gordon Goody to him. Sporting career, he still had to cope judges, received shorter terms January at! Actually learned a lot about Victorian England in the swindle Polytechnic before retiring to live by the,.