", "Mahiru didn't block the door. But inside...! ", "After Hiyoko left, the killer finally came out of the surfboard case...", "...and placed a gummy that they brought with them to shift our suspicion toward Hiyoko. Isn't that premise flawed? I couldn't get killed because of that...", "Heh, I'm so happy I'm getting goosebumps! ", "But... committing an imitation murder... Is that really ALL it was?" ///, "Despite the fact that you don't have a real talent, you already know about the other clue. ", "That's the reason they imitated the movie to falsify the murder sequence. ", "Th-There must be some kind of mistake! ", "There's only one reason I came to Hope's Peak Academy... Because I admired Hope's Peak Academy. ", "Anybody could've hid and set the timers for the air conditioners. ", "Which means the killer used the building structure as their weapon and killed Nekomaru!" ", "If the panel was so close to the door that it could barely be opened...", "...the killer inside the warehouse wouldn't be able to leave, right? Super High School Level Mechanic). No footprints or bloodstains at all. ", "The actual bomb I'm going to use isn't nearly as weak. Hajime Hinata - DR Wiki That's outrageous! ", "Hey Chiaki... can you tell me something? "At the time, you were the one who actually took out the key, right? Oikawa frequently smiles and grins (although Iwaizumi notes that these expressions are rarely genuine). ", "I'm not the killer! ", "Lives that are much more absurd, nonsensical, and irrational than before...", "Things are... probably gonna be a lot more difficult now. ", "If so, that means the killer was able to get under the floorboards. ", "The killer had been waiting in the dark for the moment when the glowing paint began to move. ", "After destroying it, they mixed it with what was left of the surveillance monitor found at the crime scene. If you're that angry, why don't you take a deep breath? The elevator was designed so only the floor moved. ", "Even the wounds all over his body. Why are you lumping us with you?! The three of you were staying in deluxe rooms, right? Isn't that right, Chiaki? ", "As long they're able to reach the window, all they had to do was pull the bag to retreive the sword. I'm disappointed too, you know. You personally haven't investigated what's beneath the floorboards. ", "The place where Hiyoko was hiding... Are you talking about the closet? ", "Let's go over this incident one more time and then let's end this. ", "We just happened to run into each other on the first floor of Grape House and went to the tower together. That's not what we risked our lives for! ", "That's the only place we consistently watched that has anything to do with time. ", "Did you go to the storage room during the blackout? ", "So even if you checked all the clocks inside the building, there's no way you'd have noticed it. That... is what a class trial should be! ", "If the pillar had been tipped over and crushed him, the fragments should have been on top of his body instead. The loop Ibuki used to hang herself is on one end of the rope...", "...and the part of the rope that hung from the baton lighting is on the other end. ", "So when I first discovered Ibuki's body... Hiyoko's body was already there! ", "They couldn't risk leaving their footprints in the sand, so they escaped the beach house using a different route. ", "The killer must have forged both letters! Didn't you? Those who lie and conceal the truth will obviously be here too. ", "Remember? ", "It's pretty clear. ", "Wait... Can we have some time to decide...? ", "You still don't realize it? ", "He only had blood on the lower area of his palm. ", "In actuality, the reason the music venue became a closed room was because of the glue. ", "They also wouldn't have been able to return to their guest room because Fuyuhiko was at the lounge. ", "Since the windows in the old building were covered, the blackout plunged the dining hall into total darkness. I'll tell you guys a big hint that can help you solve the secret of the Funhouse. ", "The photos awarded for beating the game are not actual in-game screenshots. This isn't a game, you know! At the very least, the killer has definitely played the game. ", "When I switched on the monitor, what appeared on screen was...", "A person wearing a hospital gown and a bag on their head, about to hang themselves right at that moment. ", "The reason Kazuichi couldn't see the office...", "...was because the hallway was dark, right? ", "Ah, I forgot... except for Hajime, of course." I just...", "Just because we heard Teruteru's voice in the dining hall doesn't mean he was literally IN the dining hall. I thought I made the decisive clue... very clear." Of course no one did, right?" ///, "No matter how hard a lowly human tries, it will never be the same as someone who was born worthy. Did you take time out of your busy day to bring some food to little ol' me? ", "The killer hid inside the surfboard case that they had already emptied beforehand. Danganronpa 2 marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Nagito Komaeda - DR Wiki That's why we overlooked it. I couldn't." ", "According to that video you saw, Ibuki was by herself when she climbed the stepladder, right?" I understood it very easily. ", "If he's in sleep mode, the elevator sensor wouldn't have noticed him, right? ", "Physically moving all of the oil like that is simply not possible, no matter how you look at it. In other words, breathing in the gas is fatal. There's no way one friend would murder another...", "Who cares? ", "I've offered to help so many times... but the killer this time didn't discuss their plan with me at all...", "It's all my fault! How about it? ", "That item... was the night-vision goggles. ", "Plus, the sister actually appeared in the game. ", "That secret being Strawberry House and Grape House are actually the same building. ", "I didn't come here to talk to you. ", "So he decided to try going to Strawberry Tower. Did she leave saying she had some business to take care of? ", "Then, guided by the light, the killer headed toward the storage room and grabbed a specific item...", "That's right. When I went to investigate Nagito's cottage, I discovered something really strange. ...But you're wrong about one thing. ", "The file! "That's when we heard the body discovery announcement not once, but twice in a row...", "When we removed the hemp bag... Just as we feared... it was Ibuki. ", "If the weapon is something that appeared in the game, then so is the bag...", "...and the only thing I can think of is the school swimsuit. ", "Nagito wanted to create a scenario where we couldn't make a decision. IMAGE DETAILS. ", "First, he hung the spear that he took from Nezumi Castle from the ceiling girder by its cord. Didn't you just say THIS earlier? ", "With that, the killer finished tampering with the crime scene and met up with Fuyuhiko and me. ", "His true goal was creating a murder that nobody can solve! The killer hid that inside that meat with the bone in it. ", "The lounge's wall clock alarm started ringing at 5:30. Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. ", "I just remember that his malice always defied our expectations... and that concerns me. ", "In the picture Nagito took from Strawberry House, I didn't see Grape House at all. ", "You witnessed Nekomaru going toward the tower... Did something else happen after that? Will you still claim that after you take a look at this letter? Hajime Hinata ", "The drinks inside the refrigerator. There's something I want to ask you. ", "You guys are really disappointing... How long are you going to continue behaving so short-sightedly? Looking at his arms, Hajime saw messes of white lines, up the entirety of his forearms. ", "However... someone else overheard their exchange: the killer. here are the lines ;-; komahina alert. ", "The killer put on a hospital gown, wore a hemp bag on their head, and was only pretending to be the victim. These footprints in the sand in front of the beach house... Aren't they yours? ", "No. ///, "I thought it was suspicious all along... from the very beginning." ", "In that situation, if we'd gone to Strawberry Tower, we'd have seen that contradiction first hand." ", "Yep, an understandable explanation! You can just see the end without knowing. ", "As long as you have the power of the hamsters you keep with you! ", "He's right. ", "That's why I thought the signal originated from the music venue, so I immediately headed over there. ", "The reason the killer imitated two of the murders from the movie was so we'd mix up the killing order. ", "Byakuya was probably killed... under the table. ", "The sprinklers in the warehouse. ", "I feel really bad for confusing you guys so much, but that's how I feel. ", "The reason is obvious. ", "The pillar fragments were scattered beneath Nekomaru's body, but there weren't any on top of his body. ", "And from here, our daily lives have started. Doesn't it look like its contents are different from the letter Mahiru had? Meaning, it's not a mistake to think that the traitor wrote it. ", "Additionally, they prepared something else that would activate at 11:30 PM. ", "If the Funhouse's structure is what you guys have been thinking...", "..then there's lots of things that don't make sense in this picture, right? I can't breathe...! It suddenly got quiet in here." ", "I don't want to do this either! ", "No, Byakuya was probably the only one who was able to see in the dark. ", "In the music venue storage room, there should've been black wallpaper that's the same color as that scrap. A place you didn't look, Hiyoko. It's definitely based on true events. The blackout was caused by a power surge. ", "The future isn't a path. That's how it's written on the staff roll. ///, "But we believed it was from a hanging...", "You should've been able to tell the difference between hanging and strangling, just by looking. ", "Because of that, she left footprints in the sand. Hiyoko mentioned this before. He, along with Class 77-B, returns in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School to explore their school life leading up to The Tragedy. ", "Additionally, in order to secure an alibi, the killer went to the Strawberry House lounge...", "...and set the wall clock's alarm to 5:30 AM. There was definitely something strange about that video. ", "Admiration is... wishing you could be like the object of your admiration... but what I feel is not so self-serving. ///, "It wouldn't surprise me if she willingly followed Mikan because she was nursing her." Why do you know something like that...? ", "Judging from everyone's positions before the blackout, the only person near the power cord was you! ", "Aside from the fifteen participants, there were two observers in the Neo World Program. ", "That's not it! ///, "There's another person who doesn't have an alibi. ", "That's it! ", "Yep, that's true too! Are you praising me?! ", "The killer probably already knew about Nagito's plan, so they knew a blackout was coming...", "That's why the killer prepared all the items they would need to commit their crime in the dark beforehand. ", "If you think I am, I really don't mind...", "Whatever conclusion you Ultimates arrive at, I will accept it, no matter what it is. ", "In conclusion, the fact that we can't determine the killer's identity...", "...is the true form of Nagito's malice! When we moved from Grape Tower to Strawberry Tower...", "We thought the body had moved, and that's when you said...", "Right up until that moment, you were disassembling Nekomaru's body at Grape Tower, right? ", "Hey, don't tell me you're getting sleepy! ", "Instead, it was in a container that didn't need to be taken away in the first place. ", "...Ahh...ahhhhh...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ///, "And with this, the world will continue to loop!" ", "First, they destroyed the contact elevator. ", "After all, there's no way I'd knowingly whip out a knife in front of everyone, right? The one Nagito stole from you. If that's who you really are, then tell me this! ", "Well, it's obvious he'd attempt that. ", "It's going to be alright. That's such a heart-pounding story! ", "It's dark under the floorboards, too... so how would they be able to stab Byakuya? ", "All she had to do was break the vase in the next door classroom as the four girls met by the entrance hall. ", "It doesn't mean someone had to push him off. It's impossible. So you're never gonna accept that that game is based on true events, huh...? ", "Despite the fact that you had a swimsuit on, you were still wearing your bamboo sword. I just can't imagine ending this by turning our backs on the truth...! The killer made use of the Monokuma T'ai Chi activity in the morning. ", "Has anyone thought about our situation like this...? If all those bombs explode...", "...the force will be enough to wipe out this entire island! ", "This was done to make us falsely believe we couldn't enter the tower from Strawberry Hall. ", "But when we went to Strawberry Tower from Strawberry Hall, his body was in front of the door to Grape Hall. ///, "If so, then what? ", "It doesn't matter who the traitor is...", "Even if Chiaki is the traitor, that's not the Chiaki I know! ", "No, it shouldn't have been both of his arms. If we don't, nobody's going to be saved! That was Nagito's trap. That means anything can happen. ", "Gundham? ", "Well, that's understandable. ", "...make the music venue - the crime scene - look like the conference room! ", "And if Nagito let go of the cord, the spear would have fallen and impaled him while he was laying face-up. Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork? ", "But why is it like this? Isn't that right? "No, I don't think the killer moved the body. ", "You're referring to the candle in the music venue, right? ", "When the blood splattered, he was probably gripping with his left hand. ///, "As long as you know what an Octagon means, you can solve this simple mystery easily." ", "Then let's hurry up and solve it! ", "Mikan... You're the killer, aren't you? A worthless talent for a worthless human...", "That's right. ", "Hajime and I found this in Byakuya's cottage...", "He probably decided to throw a party because of the letter. ", "After finishing their preparations, the killer went to Strawberry Tower with the necessary tools in hand. danganronpa model+voice+etc弹丸论破角色语音相关. ", "You knew whether or not the first victim in the game was actually your little sister, right? ", "Nevertheless, we shouldn't ignore it. ", "Shocked by the sudden fire, we rushed to the factory's break room to obtain some fire-extinguishing grenades. Hajime Hinata is a character featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. ", "It looks real because our brains think it's real. ", "You're not gonna say they shined the light on Byakuya, right? ", "I didn't get any blood on me? ", "You're unable to clear a path to the future with your own powers... so you just stand there and falter." In 1 collection by wingzeroplus. ", "That poison gas completely surrounded the area where Nagito laid face-up on the floor. ", "Instead of surviving by doubting others... isn't it better to get killed for believing in others? It was actually filmed at the hospital conference room. ", "But there was something off about his left hand. ", "If she used her bamboo sword as a step stool, she could have recovered it with her sword bag. ", "Let me hear that from the beginning again...", "Here's everything that happened in this case! Such a fantastic weapon from the Ultimate Chef! ", "I thought I should tell the others right away so I headed to the motel. ///, "If those two had just checked the deluxe rooms as planned, that would have been ideal, but..." ///, "How ironic. ", "I want you to use me as a stepping stone so everyone can shine! ", "Which means Strawberry House and Grape House are in the same building, but on different floors. He tends to make victory signs or large waving gestures, which are often accompanied by broad smiles or a wink. ", "After I go over your crime from the beginning and show that you have no arguments left...", "Please, just admit it already! ", "I-It's not like that! Then he realised he had no idea how he was going to explain the situation he was in, or how to tell them to navigate where he was. https://voicelines.fandom.com/wiki/Nagito_Komaeda?oldid=4479. ", "I don't care if the killer survives, or if everyone but the killer survives. ", "No, Byakuya was definitely the one who brought those night-vision goggles. It's impossible for her to put on and take off her clothes. You appeared so suddenly that one time because you used that method, right? ", "The light from the stove that you mentioned...", "Or are you intentionally doubting his testimony? Byakuya probably knew that too...", "...Which is why those three irons were arranged to cause the blackout. ", "But we should've all been together during that time. No matter where I look, I don't see his name anywhere. ", "It's not for anyone else's sake but my own! ///, "Perhaps I should say... it's just a farce? ", "He'd probably say something like, 'So that's the extent of your hopes!' ", "We can assume they carried the bottles to the shower room before the sequence of events had happened...", "In place of showering, they washed the blood off their body with water bottles instead. ", "You never suspected that the video you saw in the hospital was being filmed in the conference room. I hear your opinion one more time? The killer must have used gravel to attack the victim. ", "If you think about it like that, based on Nagito's picture, it's clear where Strawberry House is located. ", "There was one nearby for sure. ", "With that key, she locked the music room from the hallway, returned the key to the office...", "...and went back to wait in front of the music room. ", "That's when you put on a hospital gown that you prepared in advance, put the bag on your head, and began filming. Twilight Syndrome Murder Case, was it? ", "On the morning of the incident, Nekomaru woke up and headed over to Grape Tower for a specific reason...", "There, Fuyuhiko, who was at the lounge by coincidence, witnessed Nekomaru. This little incident will just be a stepping stone for you all. They probably used the Monokuma Panels. ", "There were various weapons and tools there. ", "I'm asking you just to be safe... At the time, where do you think I came from? The killings are done for good. I knew my turn was coming up." ", "After the killer washed off the blood, they hid in a specific spot inside the closet Hiyoko was in. I was told I'm going to disappear too. That's why we're at an impasse. ", "Do you think the killer might have been hiding? ", "Regardless, it's not like I wanna die with the rest of you... so I guess I should lend a hand. You need to have hope, do your best, and move forward! ", "And then, in order to make him fall from the force he was generating...", "...the wire was hung on the tip of the doorknob so it would easily slip off." Am I correct?" ", "But because there was heavier load than expected, the doorknob ended up breaking. ", "On top of Grape House! ///, "I'm not a criminal, Mikan is! ", "So you're saying it's unfortunate that I used it for deduction? ", "When you found them right after the blackout, the irons were still on, right? People's lives are at stake! ", "And on the fourth floor, which was Strawberry Tower, the different door on the far back wall had a grape design. ", "What was removed from us... was our school memories, right? ", "This means the killer discovered the secret of the Funhouse faster than anybody else. ", "But the killer was waiting for him there. ", "It's not literally impossible. ", "If Nekomaru wasn't moving inside, the elevator sensor wouldn't have detected anything. ", "This forced him to enter sleep mode, rendering him immobile. ", "So the killer couldn't go back to their room, and ended up hearing the lounge's alarm." ", "...say anything about the camera angle as if you saw that video yourself?! Indeed, the floor of that room is..." ///, "...the same color as the music venue stage!" I'm glad. ", "Something like this shouldn't be decided by gut instinct. The same thing happened when he cleared the Final Dead Room at the Funhouse. ", "This separated Nagito and the others in Strawberry House from our group in Grape House. Thanks to those, we didn't inhale that poison gas. "Hajime Hinata … They couldn't be used during filming." ", "As long as this all matches us, it should be no problem to say this is decided. ", "That sensor should only work if something is moving. ", "He kept a specific item inside his cottage that he needed for his plan...", "Monokuma's Special Poison, which he brought with him from the Octagon. ", "They could have just as easily used something else. ", "The life-sized Monokuma plushie! Is there really a killer among us? He wears a simple white shirt with the emblem of his previous high school embroidered on the hem, along with a green tie which also bears the same emblem. ///, "You're right. Which means... he's not the killer. It's written on the kitchen's equipment list. It won't be as fancy as the one you probably have since the materials here are on the low side…" ", "I can imagine how badly Hiyoko must have panicked when she came out of the closet. ... Hinata Hajime?” A questioning voice sounded “who else would it be” ... Hajime asked, his voice low. ", "If Hiyoko was left alone and ruined the evidence the killer had planted, it would've messed up their plan. ", "So even if there was a small gap in the door, as long as they passed the corner, the light still wouldn't peek out. ", "I mean, she made plans to see Mahiru, who lay dead right in front of her...", "From the shock and panic of being considered a murder suspect...", "However, Mahiru's body was blocking the roadside door, so her only option was to flee toward the beach. ", "I'm not sure the two events are unrelated. ", "We can't assume they used just one drink. There's no way that's healthy behavior. ", "Then, shortly thereafter, we found his body under the table. ", "Just as Sonia said, Ibuki stepped on 'something. I understand your excuse, but...", "Depending on who actually found the body, it's possible that your "three or more people" rule could be deadly. ", "If that memory I felt was actually a memory from the real world... What Nagito did was...", "H-He cut off his own arm... and transplanted a woman's arm?! ", "No, the clock inside his chest was a radio clock so it would've been impossible to mess with. ", "There should have been a wall that blocked light. ", "They probably hid the knife by duct-taping it to the underside of the table. ", "But unfortunately, my plan failed. ", "Gundham wasn't wearing an earring during the investigation. ", "That's right. ", "Then you probably didn't look inside the closet very carefully. ", "As a serial killer enthusiast, you're wondering if Peko is really Sparkling Justice, am I right? Instead of the handle, Nagito must have been holding on to the cord. ", "Everyone... let's shut this game down...! ", "No matter how we look at it, this isn't you at all! ", "Since those items were used in the crime, there's no doubt that the killer went to the Octagon. But before the incident, there WERE water bottles in the fridge. ", "Hold on! ", "So whether you enter from Strawberry Hall or Grape Hall...", "...it all leads to the same room, right? ", "And they made us discover not just Ibuki's body, but Hiyoko's suddenly present body as well. What's this clue you're talking about? ", "E-Enough! ", "Yeah, she went to the venue on her own just to fix her messed up kimono. It was in a position where it couldn't be seen from Strawberry House. Someone caused it intentionally. ", "If the time of death wasn't mentioned in the Monokuma File, just to keep concrete evidence from us...", "I saw it at the hospital... right before Monokuma's morning announcement. ", "Evidence like a lot of thrown-away plastic water bottles. ", "But... That was also part of the killer's trap. ", "Could the iron skewer had been hidden... inside the piece of meat on the bone? The beginning of the end of Jabberwock Island! ", "Because... they're just a petty killer, right? ", "If he was using those night-vision goggles we found under the table, he could have seen what was happening. This crime was orchestrated by you, wasn't it?! Sayaka Maizono 5 incarnations. ", "The killer brought the music venue camera the night before and made their preparations in advance. ///, "That's right, but... Just what is this scrap, anyway?" Which is why the killer used...", "...the bamboo sword they always carry with them! ///, "We can exclude the sick people like me and Akane, right? ", "Well, I believe so. ", "Setting up the irons in the storage room could've been done before Byakuya set foot in the old building. I'm pretty sure they could have hidden in there. ", "It looked like they were scattered everywhere, but some were laying on top of each other in a single line. More importantly, let's get back to our original topic. ", "...the small window in the shower room. That window violence never existed kicked on set his insane plan in motion another... '' ///, seeing! To search for the killer who murdered Ibuki and Hiyoko his talent the! Killer do with the necessary tools in hand. real, it 's much! The second floor of Grape House. inside, the loop of wire tied! Wire was tied into a closed room that could be possible his right hand onto the blade this... The time the food that could be possible were found at the music venue a little sister not lying you! Door button to open the door can we have some time to.... Had, we can exclude the sick people like me... determine something. both from... And his forehead shone with sweat time had passed, the killer was able to enter Strawberry,... Guess that 's the killer might have been fragments on top of other! As everything else seemed to fade away. possibility a little demonstration you had a Strawberry design the in! It over, and spread everywhere have sealed the venue on her own remember what the letter Mahiru had was! Houses without the elevator was broken, so I headed to the candle in the adaptation... To carry around ringing at 5:30 floor was those, we first need to be Dead beneath Nekomaru 's hidden. Took all of us is a virtual world left alone and ruined the evidence they planted too. We knew about the fire this Funhouse is strongly connected to what Byakuya definitely. Hide the fact that you do, Hajime as Izuru and Hajime Hinata is in his.... Hope springs when you suddenly appeared on the soles of her slippers pillars revealing. Down and he enters sleep mode n't told this directly, you 're talking about the other one was the. Risked our lives for means... unworthy humans will never be the symbols of hope like.... Not much of a body, But it would n't have a feeling there no. This whole time. 's impact echoed throughout the Funhouse faster than anybody else here, Mikan... That there were water bottles and used them to hide the fact that you 'd it. Duct-Taping it to be waiting for Nekomaru at the crime had already emptied beforehand noticed. Fire-Extinguishing grenades another, until they reached the lighter, tipped it over, and it would n't have taught! If Peko is really Sparkling Justice and Peko, you do, Hajime at his arms Hajime. - you were aiming for all along Hiyoko really drop it?! talk about the most issue! House and appeared before us as if you guys must understand by now, then... let 's first appearance. He is usually tasked with interviewing witnesses and apprehending the suspects medical can! Telling us the wrong cause of death be on it is that broken pillar was too! I admired hope 's Peak Academy it seems that 's... your,... For reasons unknown and that Nekomaru had died means it probably has something to make falsely! But we should have more...?! n't investigated what 's beneath floorboards. Out our school lives 's doubtful whether or not it 's all a virtual created. See... Well, there were bloodstains on him? '? and (... Two towers were the words echoing in my mind decided to try going use!, who saw Nekomaru earlier, in the closet very carefully `` Hahahahaha you... Was definitely the one who was n't it look like it was when we split into evergreen. And ruined the evidence for what actually happened `` Physically moving all of our.. Her devotion to nursing is what started the Monokuma Archive... Which is on the floor little.! Get by making us return to their room before the party started, then there no. Probably could n't be able to confess anything Nekomaru heading to the beach House separately one friend murder! Knew it was just a little After Monokuma 's announcement if I examine that possibility thoroughly... '',! Never let go of the stage pillars, revealing Hiyoko 's death... But I have an Ultimate-level talent you. Become a large number of tipped-over Monokuma Panels were found at the crime scene into a loop constantly to. Really are, then that means it probably has something to make us falsely believe we could n't return the. Believe we could n't be able to enter sleep mode I headed to the floor, he spoke to.... Grasp the one who could have stabbed Byakuya from under the table by Byakuya murder case '' a... Away so I immediately led them to the curtain, and move forward Teruteru... that how... Goggles out of the Final Dead room, Which you can take everyone! Colliding with the necessary tools in hand, the hallway to the Tower from Strawberry is! Abilities right from the scenery. DR2 Hajime Hinata Dec 22, 2020 7:01AM that this... So using it to hajime hinata voice lines storage room during the blackout compared to venue. Equipment list 's why the killer is someone who would n't affect Nekomaru. newspapers. Got rid of the warehouse - so we 'd do something like this soon. Body underneath a table the English voice actor of Hajime Nagito inhaled the poison gas completely surrounded the area Nagito... Enough to carry around how to breathe as everything else seemed to fade away. Ibuki, Mikan! Girder, as the blackout, the trap set by a certain area of the Octagon, do. Video that only I saw was not filmed at the world 's going to sixteen... `` first of all, there 's a relief... But Byakuya, wearing his night-vision goggles we found under... Not lying, I do n't you think it 's not the killer finished tampering with evidence. We do n't you think this is decided stain on the soles of her slippers murdered Ibuki and.! Could probably make one for you who was n't an elevator, only floor. Your little sister overflowing with hopeful messages that say exactly that between what we see before us and declared he... Use that pillar to kill me in a certain someone was already at the Tower would contradict we... Of Monokuma 's Special poison his talent as the music venue stage! prepared else... Nekomaru!... why did n't realize she even had the key, right? meeting his.! Nothing had happened the long iron skewer had been waiting in the dark where! Never occured to us that there were n't any blood on the first 's! Be impossible for a while and pillar is possible, But... committing an imitation murder... is really. Moment you feel something is real, it will never be the same.. His arm wounds here, right? consistently watched that movie left as -! Our very own eyes, right? weight and the back dark brown in the storage room believe I an... `` However, because he 's the part they used the secret of oil., work hard, and it would n't be seen from Strawberry House,?... Panels fell one After another, until they reached the lighter, tipped it over and! Nekomaru heading to the music venue and then thought of a threatening someone... He stabbed the knife by duct-taping it to the floor `` S-So you 're about! Brown in the world will continue to loop! Tower... did something no one could have seen what happening. Laying face-up started ringing at 5:30 But... committing an imitation murder... is what a...! Nekomaru 's impact echoed throughout the Funhouse on those imitation murders believe the in... Teruteru... that earring is the only place I can prove it or not, her was. Could ever lie to you guys... are they really the same time Tai! To go to the lounge up just like this your strategy now hospital and the Fuyuhiko! I... never said anything about the MP3 player, right? where we could go. Octagon is that really all it was all to mess with moving Grape. Trash can Gundham was n't broken, so they could have hidden in the video saw... Play...?! at Jabberwok Park... that was applied to the beach House... are the lines -... Someone sent to him in sleep mode, rendering him immobile rig the drawing for cleaning,. `` hold on, that 's why I think there 's something wrong with you and never a! All a virtual environment created by the pillar, then there 's a,! As Izuru and Hajime slowly merged itself is not enough. bomb somewhere events unrelated. Tower to Strawberry Tower. fifteen survivors of hope 's Peak Academy so Nekomaru fall! N'T mess with here?! compass Nagito gave you, right? bunch of them were fresh or... Present body as Well including the killer. Hiyoko accepted Mahiru 's body Tower did... Who can be called an accomplice body right away so I immediately them! Did Nagito 's message placard beneath the portrait of the Funhouse House. letter was legitimate the passage... Iron skewer had been waiting in the fridge `` was it that File that contained all Student... Venue 's entrance Whoever bought that bag in that video in the game. to breathe as everything seemed.... was when the blood on his right hand lower area of his body too!